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Friday 15 Jan 2010
London, United Kingdom

Just booked hotel for Rio

Stuck in London Heathrow Terminal 3...and bored so I booked a random hotel on Copacobana beach

Not cheap at 110 euro for a night, but the view should be good!

Now to try to sleep on the ground somewhere here.... grrr

... later...

well, had a surprisingly good 3 hour sleep in Terminal 3 on the floor among a bunch of other layabout backpackery types.

It always amazes me how an eye mask and pair of earplugs can instantly transport you to slumberland no matter the situation.

This is an exceedingly long day... I'm now in Madrid, shattered (3 hours wasn't enough evidently), and having boarded our Rio-bound flight after a 2 hour delay we've just been ordered off the plane as there were technical faults!!

Good to see some things never change. Our new flight is scheduled to leave in another 3 hours, but knowing Iberia, this can never be a sure thing.

Then again, we might be compensated as I was when delayed travelling back from Mexico and received a whopping 600 euro (after 12 month delay)


Let's pray... apart from that, the flight is horribly crowded and squishy and hot. Some crazy fat lad is in front of me with the seat back before take off! Argh.


Copacobana beach can't come soon enough!

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