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Saturday 24 Apr 2010
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Last day in Mullet land


  • Last day in Buenos Aires ... every day I see a multitude of bad haircuts.. saw what seemed to be a dead cat perched on top of a man's head, only to realise it was a perm of some sort. Maradonna's influence on this place even extends to copying his appearance!
  • Went to Flor Floralis .. famous metallic flower that opens during the day and shuts at night... turns out it is Earth Day today and there was a free concert of rather obscure music taking place... lots of hippies and drugs polluting the air!
  • Tried to find Evita's Mausoleum but none of the locals I asked seemed to know that it even existed! On a hunch I headed up to the Cementario de la Recoleta as it was nearby. Turned out to be the single most impressive thing I've seen in Buenos Aires (well, second to the Tango last night of course!). Very spooky place with fantastically-decorated unique mausoleums for various famous protagonists in Argentina's history and full of goths trying to find somewhere "cool" to hang out. Lots of cats too, plus a crazy cat lady to boot!
  • Teatro Colonial is closed for repairs until May so unfortunately I had to miss out on that sight...
  • That's pretty much all of the "main" sights in BA covered ... Iguazu Falls tomorrow .. can't wait!

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Mum Says:

26 April 2010

Glad you got to see the Cemetario in Recolletta-quite something - but poor Evita's resting place is quite modest compared to the monied lot! Can't believe the Colon Theatre was closed-the best thing in B.A. darn it.! Enjoy Iguazu!

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