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Thursday 26 Jun 2003
Byron Bay, Australia

Rain Rain Go Away!

Brrrrrr... its freezing AND raining today!!!!

In fact its been quite chilly here for the past few days since I arrived, but yesterday the rains started and today they REALLY started with 50 knot winds! Its a tropical region so I suppose this is inevitable... alas its even worse up north but the weather is suppose to subside tommorrow or the next day...

As with yesterday, Im not doing anything worth reporting... just lazing the time away practicing on the didge or reading a book...

Im not driving anywhere today on account of the danger on the roads so I will be heading to the local cinema to watch the Matrix/Matrix-Reloaded marathon for the afternoon...

Id like to leave Byron Bay soon since its too cold to try the surf and it will be too wet to bushwalk after the rains... next stop will be Surfers Paradise... might head tommorrow if the weather clears a bit.


Wow what an AMAZING cinema! Its called the Arthouse Cinema and it is one of THE most chilled out cinemas (if not the most chilled out place!) Ive ever been to...

The cinema "seats" are basically cow-patterned lounge seats where you take off your shoes and can rest your legs on the pillow in front while you lay back on the super-soft cushions (the ultra-violet lighting also helps to accentuate the white colour of the cow-cushions)... all the while, watching the movie with excellent sound quality on an average-sized screen. And with the bohemian bar in the back playing quality sounds it was the ultimate lounge experience. I will be back!

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