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Friday 18 Jul 2003
Capricorn Coast, Australia

Giving up!

Alas my lucky streak has not continued over the past two days...

Yesterday, I found a small zircon-alike stone but the value of which is far less than a zircon... today I found nada. Nothing!

Apparently this is quite the norm, but after my "luck of the Irish" winning streak at the start Ive become a tad impatient. Had too much of a good thing at the start ya might say: the total value of the 4 main sapphires I found is 200 dollars (when cut), so all in all I did pretty well... considerably better than some people whove been digging for several days.

I HAVE got a nice tan, although a lot of the brown is probably from the red dust Ive been immersed in over the past few days. Alas, I havent take a photo on account of the amount of dust in the air which might get into the camera, but take it from me: with my shaggy beard and dusty overalls, I look as haggard as any of the hardy locals!

I also had ANOTHER visit from the Channel Ten TV crew once again.. they wanted a follow-up interview to see how I did since we last met. To say the least I wasnt really in the mood today on acount of not finding any stones, nevertheless I DID manage to get a bit of cash out them "for laundry" and proceeded with the rest of the interview. So today I made 7 dollars... not a total loss then...

Tommorrow morning Im off once again northward and will update you when and where possible... A Bientot!

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