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Monday 6 Oct 2003
Coral Coast, Australia

More fin (I mean FUN) in Exmouth!

More of the same over the past few days... havent tried to hack into the Navy Pier but will try tomorrow...

Have met up with a German friend of mine from Airlie beach: Juergen. Weve been buddying up while going out snorkling and have seen so many amazing spots to snorkle.

Turquoise Bay is still the best site though, in my opinion...

Juergens birthday is next week and mine is on the 20th Oct (dont EVERYONE forget to mail me!!!) so thats another freaky coincidence.. two parties in one week ahead!!

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  • Turtle at...

    Coral Coast


    Turtle at Coral Bay
  • Heart made of...

    Coral Coast


    Heart made of Fish!
  • Coral Bay

    Coral Coast


    Coral Bay
  • Exmouth blue...

    Coral Coast


    Exmouth blue fish