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Tuesday 9 Sep 2003
Darwin, Australia

Kakadu National Park

Whooo okay... lots to catch up on here... I hate when this happens!!! *deep breath*

4th Sept - Katherine

Rightio.. found a nice little place to park car outside of Katherine near Springvale Caravan Park. The most amazing thing about Springvale, though, was the large number of Rock-Wallabies hopping around the caravan park. There was a group of around 50 just sitting together... looked so cute, but I didnt have my camera handy unfortunately...

5th Sept - Kakadu National Park

Left Katherine in morning after shower at Springvale Caravan park. Took a brief look at Katherine Gorge, but it wasnt particularly amazing. Drove off north to Pine Creek and then into Kakadu National Park itself. I soon discovered that a lot of the roads in the park (off the main paved road) are not paved and so I got a chance to really put my van tyres to the test for the first time. In all the time I was in Kakadu I didnt once have a puncture.. yay for that!

For the first night I parked at Kambolgie... a free caravan park!

6th Sept - Kakadu National Park

Drove off north to Gunlom. These are the famous "plunge pools" in Kakdu and they are a beautiful sight to behold resting at the top of a waterfall! The waterfall is fairly dry at the moment so this meant I was able to sit on the edge with my legs dangling above the 100m drop below me gazing out at Kakadu National Parks unique array of trees, wildlife and colours while the gentle sound of running water soothed my ears. Definately a spot for some great meditation sessions.

The plunge pools themselves were also a joy and I met up with an Ozzie lad there, Haydn, who used my camera to video me jumping off a 10 m-high ledge into the green natural pool below ("cowardly scream and everything").

Later on, and by complete coincidence, I met Haydn and his two friends, Dave and Patricia (I think those names are correct!) again at the campsite of Jim Jim Billabong. Haydn showed me a good way to make tasty "smoky apples" while we all sat around the campfire playing the didge! Class!

7th Sept - Kakadu National Park

At 6.45 in the morning I went on a boat trip on the Yellow Water wetlands. This was a great opportunity to see several crocs (some of them fighting it out for territory) and a vast array of birds against the beauty of the natural wetlands. The wetlands look so much like the Mekong river in Vietnam it is uncanny! This tour cost 40 dollars.

Left Jim Jim Billabong while also navigating my way across the slippery gravel path. Van span out once though which sort of freaked me out, so I took it slow from there on.

Visited the Warradjan Cultural Centre which was very informative before heading north to see some great aboriginal rock-art at Nourlangie Rock.

Bumped into the man Haydn again and we spent that night camped out at Merl campsite... had to pay 5.40 unfortunately there! Small price for a hot shower though!

Saw a great sunset from the top of the rocks at nearby Ubirr.

8th Sept - Darwin

Left Merl caravan park in morning.. said farewell to Haydn, Dave and Patricia. Spent day licking my several hundred mozzie bites from night before. Visited Ubirr properly this time and took some shots of the amazing Aboriginal rock-art, some as old as 20,000 years. They even had paintings of Dutch caravel ships and muskets when the Dutch passed this way 500 years ago!... drove to the Mamukala wetlands viewpoint and got some more piccies of Whistling Ducks grouped together in their hundreds amidst the lush wetlands.... drove off to Darwin and eventually found a good place to park down by the Marina.


This morning I went frantically in search of a shower after a VERY HOT sweaty night in the car.. found a public one at Lake Alexander park. Phew eh?

And finally, here I am.. typing this entry...


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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park

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