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Tuesday 25 Nov 2003
Melbourne, Australia

Melbo update

Saw "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with Jonny last night. A pretty damn scary flick.. I know I was a bit jumpy while walking back to my van through Melbournes dark streets after watching it. Pretty gruesome too.

Jonny has introduced me to the wonders of the other-worldly place called Crown Casino. Its like Las Vegas under one roof: several sprawling casinos beside a large cinema complex and theatres that hold shows for acts like Elvis impersonators and Engelbert Humperdink. Also the best part: fish and chips for $2! Great way to get cheap snack/dinner! Its all open 24 hours too.... probably trying to encourage gambling-addiction.

This morning I was listening to a discussion on the outstanding radio station: Triple J on the topic of "Mateship". Apparently Ozzies have coined this word to describe the unique friendship Ozzie men show towards their fellow man (or "mate"), although you dont always see this in the big cities, which is normal enough. Still I look back at my first entry in the diary when I arrived at Sydney and notice I remarked how friendly I thought everybody was, despite living in a big city. Apparently it harkens back to the early settler days when convicts were often sent out in pairs to the outback on expeditions, wherein they had to "look out for their mate" while surviving in the harsh living conditions of pre-settler Oz. Interesting. I guess I assumed they were always happy on account of the weather or something. I suppose its like Ireland and the "pub-friendly" ethos where we become amicable with people in the name of "craic agus ceol".

Got a parking ticket last night when I arrived back from the cinema, 50 dollars, I knew my free-loading days would have to come to an end at some point!! Hopefully wont have to pay it by the time I sell the car *shrug*. Sure what can they do? Go to my "imaginary" address in Sydney and arrest me?

It has to be said, though, Melbourne is quite an expensive place to park. $3 for 4 hours, IF YOURE LUCKY. Otherwise its $1.30 per hour! In Adelaide it was possible to find near-city-centre spots for $1/6 hours!

Its sunny today but Im still a little restless in Melbo so gonna head off to Sydney soon

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