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Monday 16 Jun 2003
Port Macquarie, Australia


Finally Ive seen some Ozzie wildlife (apart from the several dead roos Ive spotted on the roads... this was LIVING!) although it wasnt quite so "wild". I visited the koala hospital today and saw several koalas getting fed. Theyre really cute animals, like overstuffed teddy bears. They even call a group of koalas in the forest a "teddy-bears picnic".. aawwww

Other news, I dropped the van in for a service. All things passed and I had the oil filter changed. Only things that need changing are the air filter and the brake pads, but the pads can be done once I get to Cairns so theres no urgency there.

The sun in this area (and Oz in general) is really intense and luckily I have my "high strength" Ray Ban sunglasses with me cuz otherwise Id be crashing into everything on the road. Me wonders if the sun is so intense on account of the hole in the ozone layer above Oz???

Im well impressed with this laid-back town and the surfers on the blue ocean are really impressive to watch... Ive priced boards but theyre a bit out of my budget. Unless I can get a cheapo second hand job, Ill prolly get a "boogie-board" and surf on my stomach instead.. at least I can balance on one of those easy enough!

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