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Saturday 8 Mar 2003
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Arrived in the capital!

I arrived in the capital, Phnom Penh, today after a long (though refreshing) speed boat ride down through the Tonle Sap lake (more like a miniature ocean smack in the middle of Cambodia)

Refreshing is a bit of an understatement... I didnt realise I was getting nicely burned by the wind either... doh! Lots of after-sun tonight .

I got a good room in a guesthouse with Fan (and TV.. so I can follow the Iraq-US cartoon play out!) for 6 dolla. Internet and bar downstairs too (thats where I am now).. Hell I may never have to leave!

Tomorrow Im doing the tourist-thing and going to the S-21 museum (supposed to be quite horrific) .. and ... so Ive been told... theres a place where you can shoot off an AK47 kalashnikov for 20 bucks... Im so there!

Not to worry anyone.. Ill go prepared and stuff a few earplugs into my wallet

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  • Me and my AK47

    Phnom Penh


    Me and my AK47
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    Phnom Penh


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    Phnom Penh


    Holding cell
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    Phnom Penh


    Torture instruments