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Wednesday 12 Mar 2003
Sihanoukville, Cambodia

vrooooom! VROOOOOOOOM!!

Took a deep breath and finally decided to rent out a 100cc motorbike today... best decision I could have made! I found some excellent beaches off the beaten path!

In particular I came across Otres beach. Getting to this beach takes you inland for about 5 km from the main tourist zone and through some cool little villages (everybody shouting "hello".. and I wave back, sometimes almost slipping off the bike on the treacherous potholed road!! Steady there boy!) and once you arrive it is worth it!

Not a single hut or tourist, just white sand and green-blue sea stretching as far as you can drive on one petrol tank!

And 1 km opposite the beach are small islands full of lush vegetation... kinda like the island in the movie The Beach and I was even cosidering swimming out to it... but thought better for it considering I saw the fishermen picking eels out of their nets earlier in the day!!!

Rest of the day I went speeding around the town and other beaches on some really damn good roads (by Cambodian standards!) with my shades on and feeling like Arnie in the Terminator... damn I gotta get me a real bike someday...


...not forgetting the one time I stopped at the side of the road near to a building site. No sooner had I stopped than I was surrounded on all sides by about 14 Cambodian builders (all still smaller than me though it has to be said) who started taking an unhealthy interest in my bike and glasses. They started grabbing my bike, jokingly at first, and I didnt know what their intentions were so I joked nervously with them. It wasnt until I stood up and they gasped at my height that they started to cool off. I smiled awkwardly at them and hinted that I was driving off.. just then a few more men came over. I quickly made my good-buys and zoomed off. Better to be safe than find out if they were just friendly, or going to try and "take down the giant", stealing my sunglasses, or worse, the bike I didnt own!

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