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Saturday 4 Aug 2007
Vancouver Island, Canada

Wasting time....

I've become a mini-celebrity walking around town with my arm in a sling ... you'd think from all the stares that they'd never seen a broken arm in Victoria.

It's probably because the majority of people in this city are elderly and would probably be hospital-bound with a similar injury.

Also notice some interesting differences in the questions I get asked from different people:

First thing a white person asks is: "How did you do it?"

First thing an Asian person asks is: "How do you wash?"


Other stuff ... well I spend most of my time since the accident laying in bed catching up with my huge catalogue of "Ren & Stimpy" episodes or downloaded movies.

One flick I downloaded recently is called "Hot Fuzz" and it's a comedy about a London policeman who's been reassigned to a small english country town.

The funny thing is, I can seem stark similarities between the stuff that he finds strange in the village and the things I find strange about Victoria (e.g. everyone knowing each other; complete strangers sparking conversations with you as if you are their oldest friend; the excessive politeness/conservatism).

I guess, then, you could say that Victoria most closely resembles a small English country village.

Although with the abundance of slacks-wearing old people about the place it's more like a retirement village Wink

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