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Wednesday 6 Jun 2007
Vancouver, Canada

Road trip ends...

This morning we took a quick tour of Whistler ... we only really wanted to check out the place (well I did mostly) since I may come back here when the snow returns...

The ski/boarding season only ended about 2 weeks ago.. Whistler tends to be the last (and first) place where the ski seasons end (and begin).

It's got a very "new" feel about the place.. plus it was designed to be "intentionally confusing" to walk around so that you "could explore every nook and cranny". Indeed rather than make it interesting, it made it very frustrating to walk/drive around. It's not quite as charming as Mt Tremblant's french atmosphere in my opinion, but seems nice and friendly none-theless (and expensive obviously).

This time of year mainly caters to extreme mountain-bikers/hikers.

After a super-large pizza we drove off to Vancouver (only 120 km away) and we're back staying in the HI Vancouver (where the beds and showers are actually clean!)

Jonny is heading off on Friday, so he might go off to Vancouver Island tomorrow.. I might join him, but I also have my next "adventure" to tackle: finding permanent accommodation in Vancouver

Oh joy!

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Lake Louise (with ice!)

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