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Monday 2 Mar 2009
Bahar Dar, Ethiopia

...sleep n sick...

The originally plan had been to stay in Bahar Dar only 2 days, but as I had been throwing up pretty much all night, I was forced to stay one more day as I was feeling really crappy.

Tinitiz and I
Tinitiz and I

I had even had plans to take a tour of Bahar Dar with an Ethiopian actress-in-training that I had met the day before in the internet cafe, Tinitiz, but that fell apart and so she stuck around for a few hours today to make sure I was feeling cool, which was nice!

Instead I chilled out all day beside the lake trying to drink as much water as possible (making sure to never be more than a few metres from my room in case I had to run into the bathroom again), and enjoying listening to the Orthodox Christian churches and Muslim mosques as they battled to "out-sing" each other over the loudspeakers that encircled the town (this was usually the case in every Ethiopian town). Ethiopian Orthodox churches are basically like Mosques in this respect, and the verses, despite being Christian, sound very much like the Qu'ran.

Later in the day, extremely worried that I still wasn't feeling well, I managed to somehow get a tuk-tuk to the local hospital. In my weakened state, the slightest jolt in the tuk-tuk would have had me throwing up all over the place, so I had to the get the guy to drive super-slow (which in Africa is JUST as dangerous as driving fast!) and eventually we made it.

I paid 20 birr (about 2 euro) to see the doc (!) and then was fast-tracked past a waiting queue of 100 locals and was led into a small room. The "hospital" was basically a few portacabins stuck together centered around the huge waiting area that was outdoors. Still I didn't care, I was desperate to get someone who might know what was up.

I explained that I'd taken some laxatives, and that it could have been them, or the dodgy breaded fish I'd had the night before. The doc reckoned it might be the laxatives that my body was trying to get rid of, and prescribed me some rehydration powder.

It was great that I still had a bunch of water sterilisation tablets with me too as it allowed me to refill from the tap in the room instead of having to buy a new bottle of water each time.

I went back to the hotel, and fell asleep early without dinner ... looked like I was going to have to stay another day as I was feeling way too weak to do anything (plus the heat in Bahar Dar was making it really hard to recover)...

This was seriously pissing me off as it was taking huge chunks of time out of my limited time in Ethiopia Yell

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