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Thursday 1 May 2003
Vientiane, Laos


Ive found that net access in Vientiane seems to be the fastest in South-East Asia! Noting this Ive been able to FINALLY upload all 250-ish pictures that I got developed in Vietnam from my trip in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam so far!!!


Hired a bike today for a dollar and took to the streets of Vientiane!

Vientiane hasnt really got much in the way of sites but there are a few nice temples and holy shrines such as the gold-painted Haw Pha Kaw temple. The sun was quite intense today so I spent much of my time in the "morning" market (stays open till 4pm) looking for good Laos t-shirts (and trying to avoid the predictable Beer Lao t-shirts that EVERYBODY has... although I did decide to get one later... hey itll look cool in Myanmar!)

Later that night I headed out with a bunch of guys/girls that Peter had met in Cambodia and were travelling into Laos this week.

We decided to go for dinner and a few beers which gradually became MANY beers and we ended up nightclub-hopping (each place packed full of drunken Lao!) till the wee hours and I think I got home around 5am... well it must have been around then because the hotels resident cock was crowing!!

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