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Friday 16 Apr 2004
Auckland, New Zealand


I sold the car! And for $1300!!

Why am I so happy at receiving this amount when I originally wanted $2800??? Because Ive spent the past week sitting in my car for 7 hours each day, in a cramped hell-hole of a carpark packed with 30 other vehicles waiting to be sold; the radio blaring out mundane kiddie-pop tunes loudly 24-7. Staring blandly out through my windscreen at the odd one or two visitors who actually KNEW the backpacker market existed, I would pray to God that he smite me off this planet, sparing me of this barren existence and give me a merciful death, rather than sit here a minute longer while another valuable car zooms off for the pitiful sum of $600; me left sobbing amidst the migraine-inducing noxious fumes that eschew forth from the rusting engine of some 1960s beemer camper.

I rise out of my car as potential punters pass by, smiling at them and inviting them to have a look:

"Nah mate, were lookin fer a van"


"Woah too expensive, will ya take 700?"

(this offer was made while I was still asking 2,200!)

Then yesterday, just as I was about to leave and contemplate lowering the price to 1000 dollars the next day, a portly Scotsman came along looking for:

- an AUTOMATIC (yay!)

- equipped with camping gear (double yay!!)

- and in such a perfect condition as mine (!!!!!!!)

I think I nearly scared him away with the enthusiasm I showed, such was my relief!

I thought he was going to pay the full 1500 that I was asking for (a few days prior, Id decided to concede defeat and admit that I wouldnt get the 1800 price I was asking for, so would make a loss on the car + equipment) but when he called last night he said the best he could offer was 1300.

I snapped it up straight away (although I DID try to raise it another 100)!!!

Having just got the money, he dropped me back home, evidently chuffed that he got such a good deal. Now Im considerably richer, Ill buy some souvenirs etc. On the bad side, though, I dont think Im gonna have enough to splurge out in the US. Ill barely have enough for food, accommodation and transport. I also might decide to reduce the time to 2 weeks...

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