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Monday 26 Apr 2004
Las Vegas, USA

Grand-est Canyon!!!!

Yesterday I spent the day chilling out with some lads after more copious late nights getting lost in the Las Vegas melee... Las Vegas has a tendency to complete mess up your bodyclock since all the best stuff starts at 7pm and goes on until late... therefore you mostly sleep during the DAY instead... its a little disorientating and I could quite easily while away 2 weeks here without covering even one quarter of what Las Vegas has to offer. Entertainment capital of the world, no doubt!

Anyways, from what I can REMEMBER doing yesterday, I took in one of the excellent rollercoasters that many casinos have encircling the buildings, in this case I chose the New York New York casino ride which spins you around at break-neck speeds; sometimes rising high above the casino and then plunging deep into the hotel/casino itself, as you scream through a crowd a people gambling on one-armed-bandits. Its really cool. Only 10 dollars too, but it seemed a little short-lived.

That night, myself and Vish, an english blokey, decided to head out to downtown Las Vegas (me finally armed with my camera!!! I kept on forgetting it) with the sole intention of getting wasted on "free beers" that the cocktail waitresses give you when you are sitting down to gamble. The only problem with this, we were quick to discover, is that you may sometimes be waiting, seated at a game machine, for up to an hour before you get any attention (meanwhile youre supposed to be gambling of course!!... we just waited with a coin in hand until a waitress would appear and then slot it in, while grabbing her attention). Anyhoo, the trick is to actually walk around the casinos and APPROACH the buxom waitress, then ask her for a drink, while also hinting that you are just about to gamble at one of the nearby machines. Obviously youve gotta tip a dollar when you get the drink... but hell thats still a great deal! (Im still getting used to tipping.. its not compatible with the mindset of a cheapo backpacker though...). In the end we DID get pretty drunk, plus also went up the Paris Eiffel tower for 9 bucks which has the BEST view of downtown Las Vegas. Great photos (by the way, the Eiffel tower here is only HALF the size of the real one... forget what I said in a previous entry). I stayed away all last night... not a good idea since I had to head off on a Grand Canyon tour at 6am THIS morning....

Ill just pop off to bed and write up about the Grand Canyon section tommorrow morning.. .later.. to say the least it was one of the most amazing things Ive ever thought possible to exist. I was literally speechless for 10 minutes upon first seeing the canyon!

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