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Monday 10 May 2004
New York, USA

Yellow Rat Bastard!

Well time to eat my words. On the advice of one Mr John Canavan (known as "tibor" in the undergeround network) introduced me to a shop in Soho called "Yellow Rat Bastard" (yeah I know). Well whaddya know, this morning I visited said establishment only to find that pretty much EVERYTHING they had in stock (they have a LOT) was EXACTLY the sort of style I was looking for. Everything from hoodys, to baggy-yet-not-too-baggy-and-not-too-tight-around-the-legs jeans. Wicked! I have renewed my faith in New York style!!!

For the record: Soho, NYC HAS the coolest clothes shops in the world!!

Soho is an excellent place.. really laid back vibe too..lots of galleries and old buildings add to the atmosphere... most of the shops are quite expensive though.

After FINALLY buying the jeans I was looking for (I also threw in a hoody) I did the "Brooklyn Bridge Walk". Its quite a large bridge, though only about 10% of it actually goes over water, the bridge just starts really far back from the waters edge for some reason?!? It took about 30 mins to walk the entire length at a fast pace... but add another 30 mins to that for the time I spent taking photos. Yep its a beautiful walk and once I arrived in Brooklyn (quite an affluent residential area seems to sit on the waterfront), I had dinner then headed back over the bridge after sunset to get some fantastic shots of the Manhattan skyline at night.

Damn.. forgot to mention that BEFORE I did the bridge, I went up the Empire State Building too!! Great views of the city were to be had.. I even gobbed a spitball over the side... old habits die hard.

Its 11pm now, Ive just come back from a photgraphy spree of Times Square... its so bright there right now and crowded, that it almost seems like the middle of the day. Im thinking of heading back into town now to see whazzup.. might try to head into the Cafe Wha (where Jimi Hendrix first played a gig!!)

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