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Sunday 19 Feb 2012
Placencia, Belize

Sundy Afternoon

Chad, April, Jennie, Marjorie & I ventured out to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the week.  Never forget we are DAMNED LUCKY when it comes to grocery stores !  Choices were few but we managed to get fixings for a few meals and of course we stocked up on cerveza !

Once back at the casa we all threw our bathing suits on and headed for the water.  Pretty strong breeze going and the water is very warm.  Drifted about one a chair float for awhile, layed in the hammock at the end of the dock and enjoyed a sandwich with Tony.

Now sitting on the veranda updating the travel blog and went to plug in my laptop to recharge and guess what... I brought the wrong &@($#% power cord !  (brought the cord for my work computer - UGH !) So..... I am currently using my iPhone for the text and hope to be able to borrow Chad's laptop to upload pictures.

Hopefully more to follow


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Belize - February 2012

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This is the life !

This is the life !

Follow our journey as we head to Placencia, approx. 4.5hrs south of Belize City. We've got 2 houses right on the beach and a group of friends to share the experience - Fun in the Sun and plenty of Cerveza and Margaritas !

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