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Friday 24 Feb 2012
Placencia, Belize

Last Day to Snorkle

Headed out early to get in our last day of snorkling in.  Headed to another Caye that is farther out than Laughingbird Caye so will be pounding the swells even longer than Tuesday but the sea looks 'sort of' smooth this morning so maybe it won't be as bad (otherwise we'll all be coming home 6 inches shorter and in need of a good chiropractor !)

See next blog about our snorkling trip...

Had to tell you about our dinner last night.  We all had the hankerin' for pizza and someone in the crowd thought they'd seen a pizza delivery moped and there were indications in the literature @ the Casas that pizza was available.  Well, after several calls, we find out all the pizza joints ... are no more... so we switched gears and found Habanaros Mexican Restaurant.  We made our list and called in our order.  We had some stumbling blocks but the cooks were accommodating and 30 minutes later we picked it up and it was FANTASTIC !   The shrimp ceviche was great, my fajitas were out of this world (with homemade tortillas), the cilantro shrimp had rave reviews and the enchilada plates got the thumbs up too.  The salsa was the kind of salsa this group is used to so there was definitely no disappointment there. 

All in all... a great evening !

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This is the life !

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