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Wednesday 22 Feb 2012
Placencia, Belize

Today is MY Birthday ~

A recap of last night.... went to dinner @ Maya Beach Bistro --  5 STARs !!!!  WOW - EVERYTHING was delicious !  Tuna and wasabi guacamole tacos, coconut shrimp, tuna & wasabi crisps & ceviche to die for !  Chad and Jason had pork chops that could have fed the entire table (8) and I had nut-encrusted filet that I wanted 2nd and 3rds of.  Fantastic way to start Jennie's birthday evening off !

After a couple of bottles of wine and cocktails, 1/2 the group headed back to the house and the other 1/2 (Jennie, Emilie, Tony, Me) went into town to get our groove on.  We had a quick 1 and out @ Tipsy Tuna (Kareoke on Thursdays... so we could be going back here), a cocktail at the bar next to TT (appeared to be having 'open mic night' as the entertainment... not so much), and ended up at Barefoot Bar where the DJ was spinning a great mix of dance music. 

Got our groove on we did !  There was a bachelor/bachelorette party going on so several members of the party were encouraged to get out on the dance floor with us and we rocked the night away !

So today... am moving a bit slow.... lots of aches and pains from the body slamming boat trip yesterday (back is killing me) and moving a bit slow from the alcohol intake.... (I've really got to remember I'm not 20 anymore !)... 

Today will be a lazy day.  The sea is a bit rough so don't know if I'll get in today... looks like I'd spend most of my time arm paddling against the current just to avoid being pushed into shore.  Might do some reading... just do nothin'.  Might even walk across the street to the bowling alley.... yes, we have a bowling alley within stumbling distance from our casa - this could be the big birthday evening plans if it has more than 2 lanes Laughing

Will post the underwater pictures under yesterday's date so be sure to check back on Feb 21 - Tony got some pictures of jelly fish on the 2nd snorkle trip - cool Cool

4 Comments for this Travel blog entry

Joanne Says:

22 February 2012

Have a wonderful day, week, year; looks like you are off to a great start on it!

p Says:

22 February 2012

HAPPY B DAY!!!!!!!!

Ma BUB Says:

22 February 2012

Have a wonderful day. We love you.

Yolanda Says:

24 February 2012


Sounds like you are having a blast :D

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This is the life !

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