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Thursday 23 Feb 2012
Placencia, Belize

Today is Laura's Birthday (in So. Pasadena)

Happy Birthday, Lola !  Having a Margarita in your honor as I type.

Today has been lazy... spent all morning and part of afternoon updating the blog and uploading pictures (very slow internet connection...Cry )

The ocean has calmed down a bit so am now headed out to float around for awhile and catch some rays !Cool  Everyone has gone their own direction today.... families with kids are over at the Maya Beach Resort using the pool, others are out checking the local artists wares and some of us are just hanging ....

Tonight is still up in the air... could be bowling or karaoke... who knows !

I've added pictures to Feb 21 Belize, Feb 21 Laughing Caye and Feb 22 Belize.... check back to see what you might have missed Laughing

2 Comments for this Travel blog entry

MA BUB Says:

23 February 2012

We really enjoy your pictures and narrative.

We watched enough ants in Florida to last us a lifetime!

Have a tipsy tuna for us.

Much love.

Lola Says:

24 February 2012

Thanks for the Belize Birthday wishes! Just like I was there with you!

Belize - February 2012

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This is the life !

This is the life !

Follow our journey as we head to Placencia, approx. 4.5hrs south of Belize City. We've got 2 houses right on the beach and a group of friends to share the experience - Fun in the Sun and plenty of Cerveza and Margaritas !

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