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Tuesday 17 Nov 2009
Auckland, New Zealand

Waitomo back to Auckland

Left Waitomo Caves Hotel and headed back to Auckland.  Found some Outlets along the way so stopped and shopped.  Not much different than our outlets.  Tony didn't find anything he couldn't live without, I found a couple of pieces of jewelry that will forever remind me of our wonderful time in New Zealand.

Arrived back in Auckland about 3pm and headed downtown to try and find an optometrist that carries Tag Heuer frames (Tony's broke the 2nd day in New Zealand...).  We found one but they couldn't repair his frames but gave us a name of someone to contact once we arrive in Perth.

Just checked into the hotel and Tony's returning the rental car.   We depart tomorrow (11/18) @ 2:05pm for Perth.  It's a 7.5hr flight and we arrive @ 4:15pm and Genie will pick us up.

We'll be camping at Genie's for the next few days - We will be going to the V8 Supercar Races on the weekend and then we'll begin our adventures in Australia.  We haven't gotten anything confirmed as yet but will over the next few days.

These first 12 days of our trip seemed to zip by but we sure did do a lot of fun and crazy things !  More adventures to come !

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Greggy W Says:

17 November 2009

Waitomo looks like a blast! I bet glow-worm silks taste yummy!

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It doesn't get much better than this !

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