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Friday 15 Aug 2003
Cairns, Australia

Last days on the east coast...

Well, today and yesterday Ive been literally lazing it away... on the lagoon area, working on me tan. Damn its lookin good , I only realise how good when I compare it to my "pale" wasteline.. about time I got a tan, Ive been on the road for, like, 6 months!

Ive decided against diving off Cairns since apparently 5000 people per week dive the reefs directly off the coast! Hence most of the coral is damaged by inexperienced divers or the good fish have been scared away a long time ago... Id have to pay around 200 dollars if I wanted to travel out to the next best reefs (the Agincourt reefs, above Port Douglas)

so instead Ive treated myself to a little shopping spree

Some good bargains too... a new pair of Timberland leather sandals (45 euros reduced from 90!... these should last as long as the ones Dad got in Nigeria and lasted him 20 years!), a Billabong singlet (about 20 euros) and a pair of denim surf shorts (25 euros reduced from 40!).. Im dressed and ready to rock!

Well the title of this entry says it all.. Ive now OFFICIALLY "done" the East coast (well above Sydney that is), so tommorrow Im off to start the greatest part of my adventure in Oz: heading into the REAL outback...

I had a taste of the outback in Sapphire, but that was still only 300 km inland.. my next major destination is going to be Alice Springs in the Northern Territory state (and Ayers Rock nearby). It will probably take me about 2 weeks to get there so Ill take it nice and slow.

The vans in good condition.. Ive got all my supplies and my experience within the "security" of the East coast has taught me how to ration everything so Ive timed it perfectly. I say that the East coast was secure because if anything went wrong with the van at least Id know that I was within 50 km of a town with a mechanic, so now the REAL adventure begins and the stakes are raised.

If you are worried about me, you have every reason to be: the outback has 7 of the 10 most deadly snakes in the world, plus tiny poisonous spiders abound. Hell even Ill be surprised if I make it back alive...

Only kidding.. just trying to worry the folks there

To the west I go tommorrow! Tally ho n all that!

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