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Wednesday 15 Oct 2003
Shark Bay area, Australia

Monkey Mia

Well here I am at Monkey Mia... a small resort near to Denham and well south of Carnarvon and using quite possibly the most expensive internet access point
yet (12 dollars per hour!!)... so gotta keep this brief...

I arrived into Carvarvon on the 13nd I th with the intention of trying myhand at some fruit picking. The town seemed very quiet at the time at the time and I thought for sure that it would pick up the next day... so I waited around and waited around till today! (Well thats only two days but that was enough!)

Really the place was pretty boring... I DID try to find some work, but every plantation I went to seemed to have noone around.. even several cash tills were left open in some fruit shops exposing all the money! Talk about taking "trusting-ozzies" to the extreme! The fruit was also freely available to take if I so choose, but dammit Im just too damn honest! In the meantime I also opened a bank accound with ANZ (cost nothing so no worries there)...

I have to return to Carnarvon in 10 days-ish to pick up my ATM card so I thought Id waste my time this week Dolphin watching at Monkey Mia.

While in carnarvon I parked down at the Boat Harbour for free and used the showers at the BP garage for 2 dolla

Denham seems like a nice little place, but Im gonna try to find a camping spot in the resort beside the dophin-location tonight.. didnt even have to pay for the entrance fee to the park cuz I arrived at 5pm... aint I a stinker?

Oh btw I have to thank Renee and Amber for their VERY generous "donations" of beer to me while we watched the Ireland v romania game last week at Coral Bay! They were trying to get me drunk and damn near succeeded! Cheers mates!!

Another small thing... I visited the blowholes near Carnarvon on the last day and they were really quite amazing. Essentially openings in the rock where sea-water could spray through.. some of the sprays reached 50 metres into the air! Certainly worth seeing.

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