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Saturday 18 Oct 2003
Shark Bay area, Australia

Back in Carnarvon?

Yep thats right Im back in Carnarvon today! Gonna stick around here till the 24th Oct (i.e. when my ATM card is SUPPOSED to be issued in the local ANZ bank) so Ill try again to find some fruit-picking work .. I met up with the Dutch girls again while down in Monkey Mia and they said that they managed to work for TWO WHOLE DAYS before giving up in exhaustion... maybe Ill last longer...

Well Im just back from staying at Monkey Mia for the past two days... had to pay for the first nights caravan accommodation (8.75) but since I had found 5 dollars on the ground in the supermarket earlier it wasnt THAT bad cost-wise (hell Im becoming a real miser these days.... the longer I can spread the costs the longer I can travel!!). I managed to stay a second night for free though since they didnt check who was in the parking lot....

Ill write this briefly cuz Im at an expensive internet location in Carnarvon...

The dolphin experience was undoubtedly one of the most incredible things Ive ever witnessed: wild dolphins come in almost punctually everyday of their own accord.. people watching form a line on the shoreside and the dolphins proceed to swim slowly up and down the line, almost as if they were trained in a circus. But this was completely natural behaviour for them... all the while they kept a stern eye on the people they swam past and once they felt relaxed they settled down to be fed.

I was lucky enough to be one of the 20 or so people picked out of the crowd to hand feed a dolphin! The little guy was a bit scared of my height at first but a few gentle words from myself made him relax and open his toothfilled mouth to receive a near-frozen fish... it was really cute!

I experienced the same thing on the second day, but there werent as many dolphins then so the photos on the first day remain the best..

On my way out of Monkey Mia I passed by the Shell Bay where not a single grain of sand can be found... the beach is entirely made of small shells. Quite therapeutic to walk on barefoot...

Also on my way INTO Monkey Mia I forgot to mention visiting the largest collection of Stomatolites in the world on a beach nearby... these sea sponges are essentially the first single-celled organisms to have existed on Earth... really the basis for all life. So that was quite an experience to see these remaining ones in their natural habitat

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