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Tuesday 25 Feb 2003
Ko Samet, Thailand

Lifes a beach!

Left Bangkok at 6am this morn and took bus to Pattya.. then boat to Paradise... er I mean Ko Samet.... cant write more.. need to go beach and midnight beach partay


Had my first encounter with Snus today. Snus is, if you dont know, a Swedish form of tobacco that comes in little fibreglass poutches that resemble mini-tea bags. You place the tea-bag under your front lip and keep it there, the fibreglass meanwhile slightly cuts into your gum so that the tobacco enters your bloodstream much quicker, thus giving a stronger effect. How did this happen? Read on...

Id met a Swedish couple, Henrik and Erika, as we were boarding the boat for Ko Samet. Over the following few days coming back to Bangkok, I came to get on really well with them and we took a few tours of Bangkoks main sights together. Anyhoo, as we waited to get our tickets organised in Pattya I noticed Henrik putting something behind his lip. I asked what it was. He explained that it was Snus and offered me a bit. Not one to refuse trying something once I said "Yes".

I dont smoke regularly. As Dad knows I like to have a cigar maybe once a YEAR! Purely for the look of course!

Not being a smoker I soon found the effects of the super-strong tobacco were having strange effects on me.. I almost felt like I was stoned within about 2 minutes of putting the Snus in my mouth. It was then that the fun began...

For some reason a random stranger came up to the 3 of us (we were somewhat away from our group) saying that he was with our tour and took our tickets away. At this stage I was beginning to lose control in the aftermath of my "Snus-ing" so I quickly took the tobbacy out of my mouth. I dunno how Henrik and Erika managed to go through about 10 of them a day!!! I promptly went back to our group (my head clearing at the same time) and they said that they still had their tickets! Evidently we were scammed in our most excellent moment!!! Angry, I stormed over to the nearby travel-agent (who organise the boats) whom claimed to know nothing about the tickets. There was no way we were going to pay again so I stubbornly demanded new tickets. And I got em! I think I might have gotten some good experience from dealing with arabs when I grew up in Saudi.

I also think Henrik and Erika (who were oblivious to what was going on since they were still under the influence of Snus) were later thankful that I saved the day!

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