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Wednesday 19 Nov 2003
Adelaide, Australia

Its gettin hot n here!

Phew the temperature has risen dramatically over the past few days since the overcast sky has cleared up. There has also been very little wind which means Ive been sweating like a pig in the van each night while parked at my little spot beside the Womens War Memorial Hospital down at the start of King William street (HINT: I recommend people park here overnight since its central AND not a cop to bother ya in sight!).

Im done exploring Adelaide, as of tommorrow I move on. I spent much of today investigating taking a trip to Kangaroo Island while also checking on the old finances. Needless to say neither were the bringers of good news: i.e. I need to get a job and/or sell the van pretty quick!

On the Kangaroo Island front, Ive ultimately decided to give it a miss. The reasons are not solely because of the price (150 euros... seems a lot to me now for only a 3 day trip, but when I get back to work Ill probably look back and laugh at the small fee), but mainly because of the limited attractions on offer AND the current weather...

To be honest the only thing that Kangaroo Island has that would interest me is the unique wildlife: beaches and sunny weather are nice but Ive had overkill on my trip so far.. Ive also had a lot of experience seeing kangaroos (both living and roadkill!) and koalas without the need to spend money seeing more. The unique wildlife that would interest me, though, are the seals, penguins and sea-lions. I havent seen THOSE in the wild yet in my life (only zoos). Yet Id get those covered in a day plus would be restricted to seeing them with a ranger (whom you have to pay 7 dollars for the privelidge of a tour) so wouldnt really feel like it was an intimate moment between me and the animal as Ive experienced on treks Ive made before. So 150 euros just to see some sea-lions basking on a beach? Nah dont think so.

Its also very crowded with tourists at the moment so even the park-ranger tours would probably have about 30-50 ppl on it... swearing adolescents and "weirdos" too.. Adelaides finest.

As for the weather, well needless to say its getting uncomfortably hot and Im not really anticipating staying in the van during the Ozzie summer... Id rather have it sold in Sydney and be staying in a room by the time the heat starts kicking in.

So, in a sentence. Im off down to the Victoria border tommorrow. Yallah!

By the way, Im once again in the Library (seems I spend most of my time here amidst bouts of getting lunch at Woolies and wandering around aimlessly!), this time the upstairs "State Library" section. Here you can stay on net for free from 5pm until it closes at 8pm since there arent too many people on the computers! Nice airconditioned comfort away from the neverending afternoon heat!

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