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Monday 17 Nov 2003
Adelaide, Australia

Crossed the Nullarbor!

Yes here I am literally THOUSANDS of kilometres from my last entry... Ive been driving like a mad thing but thats really for two reasons:

(1.) I want to get to Sydney pretty soon to sell the van

(2.) Theres not really much to see between here and Albany!

12 Nov

Spent the night in Albany at a nice coastal location called Emu Point (or something)

Albanys beach was CROWDED with noisy Aussies - which might sound like a funny thing to say but mostly in Oz Ive seen tourists on the beaches with the odd sprinkle of Aussie accents. Sitting there on the beach watching the people interact was almost like watching a live episode of "Home & Away". Albany is larger than it first appears since the town is built over several hills which obstruct your view of the amount of houses in the locality - they stretch far into the horizon.

Its odd that it is so crowded, given that its not really near any other populous zones. I guess its a self-sustaining community.

13 Nov

Drove Albany to Norseman (about 800 km!).

Stopped for lunch in Esperance which was quite a pretty town.

Stayed that night in an outback location in Norseman town.

14 Nov

Started the drive across the Nullarbor.

Apparently Nullarbor is bad latin for "no trees" and yep there is a small part where no trees can be seen. Stayed that night in the outback at a Parking zone. Drove along the longest stretch of straight road in Oz (150 km). Saw a beautiful landscape when I passed nearby Madura... like something out of the Lord of the Rings with the sea mist around Africa-esque trees stretching as far as the eye can see.

15 Nov

Crossed into South Australia arriving into Ceduna (had to do another fruit-fly inspection when I got there - no fruit this time!). Some parts of this drive passed nearby to some great coastal cliff faces and I could drive beside the ocean at some parts (something thats sadly been lacking on my drive on the "coastal" highways around Oz). So THIS is where the cliffs on the Oz coast are.. I thought they were on the West coast!!!. Saw a REAL LIVE black snake on the road for the first time too... it tried to attack my car as I drove over it.. dont worry the wheels didnt touch it.

16 Nov

Ceduna to Port Augusta (another 750 km!!).

Drove the long way around the Eyre Peninsula rather than take the short-cut through since I want to say Ive circumnavigated Oz along the coast whenever it was possible!

Watched the rugby game last night and met two Irish folks who showed me a spot I could crash at in their caravan park. Score!

17 Nov

And here I am in Adelaide having left Port Augusta this morning. Passed by a town called Dublin but nothing really interesting... Its been nice and cool for the past few days. Overcast clouds are actually a WELCOME sight for me after all the heat of the past few months!

Some parts of the Nullarbor drive, especially through the endless hay-fields of South Oz, bear a remarkable resemblance to Ireland.. epsecially parts of Donegal.

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