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Monday 29 Sep 2003
Broome, Australia

Dinosaur tracks (almost!)

Im finally heading off from Broome today... Ive got a nasty case of sun-blisters that will take about a week to heal so I wouldnt be able to enjoy swimming in the hot sun here for another week... Id need to stay in the shade as I did yesterday all day

Well Ive learnt my lesson and have invested in some factor 30 suncream that Ill douse myself in every day.

Anyhoo, Ive decided to move on rather that sit around waiting for my blisters to heal... also its getting ridiculously hot here when compared to last week (I think the temperature has risen about 7 degrees in just 7 days) so all these factors point to me ending my "seaside holiday"... there are still some MAJOR things waiting ahead of me further south though, in particular Ningaloo reef and the opportunity to dive with the biggest fish in the world: whale sharks!

I tried to catch a glimpse of the dinosaur footprints this morning - you have to go at low tide. So I ran/walked the 4 km along the beach leaving at 7 am and arriving at around 8.40! Unfortunately I was about 10 minutes too late and the footprints were submerged under the foamy waves! Gah!

The footprints are from a velociraptor (3 metre high carnivore) and would have been really cool to photograph (I saw somebody elses photos and the footprints come out very well.. they are deep and clear ..even after 120 million years!)

I didnt want to have to wait here another day just sitting in the shade till tommorrow morning... there really isnt much else to do in Broome apart from sit on the beach.

Saw Tomb Raider 2 yesterday. Not great, but had some nice photography of Hong Kong and Africa.

By the way.. I also saw a real-live sea snake washed up on the shore a bit further down from where the people were swimming.... I thought it was dead at first but then saw it begin to swim away! Phew lucky I didnt touch one of the deadliest snakes in the world! Plus it was an extremely rare sighting!

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