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Saturday 27 Sep 2003
Broome, Australia

MCG AFL Final and more beach...

More of the same over the past few days really...

Im toying with the idea of getting work soon so Ill need to decide what Im gonna look for. Mango picking season is starting next month back in Darwin where the money is supposed to be very good (about 1000-2000 dollars per week) but the work is very difficult because of the extreme heat and humidity. Plus the sap from the mango tree is supposed to be very irritable on the skin... still the moneys damn good.

Ill probably continue heading down south since the heat in Broome is building up quite considerably so that its not very comfortable on the beach... especially with my fairly burnt skin (dont worry Im wearing t-shirts and hats every day now ... even in the sea!). If the heat here is anything to go by, I dont think I would survive the heat in Darwin (picking Mangoes) without "going Troppo" - northern-territory term for "going crazy".

I wouldnt mind trying some sort of fruit picking for a while just to say "Ive done it".. probably down south a bit.

What else? Well Ive just arrived back from a bar where I was watching the MCG grand final of the AFL for the year with Jo, Robbie and a new couple Ive met: Anne and Wes. Robbies team, Collingwood, was playing against Brisbane Lions, but unforturnately today wasnt Collingwoods day. Score was 134 to 84. I understood some of it cuz its based on gaelic football which Dad has tried to teach me!

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