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Tuesday 23 Sep 2003
Broome, Australia


Wow what can I say.. Broome is devine!

The beach is like the one at Rainbow Beach... but better! White sand abounds and the beach stretches on for miles while amazing sunsets are to be seen...

Yet unlike Rainbow Beach, Broome ALSO has numerous shops and facilities nearby... like Cairns...

but... Unlike Cairns.. Broome isnt clogged up with tourists and tourist-only shops and the people are not rushing around here on tours!

This is a living town. Not a tourist town. Yet its a little bit of paradise!

Im back from the beach after arriving here today about 3 hours ago.. Got my car serviced AND fixed up today.. Cost a whopping 200 dollars.. thatll be added to the final cost I sell the car for in a few months!

Anyhoo.. Ill tell ya more tommorrow!

This morning I had the opportunity to jam some blues on the guitars with another aboriginal local from the same tribe as Nelson. His anglicised name is Sydney.. but he prefers to be called "Sydney from the Bush". Hes pretty damn good on the guitar and was telling me how he has used boomerangs during combat with other tribes to hit people from as far away as 50 metres - he is a warrior by birthright. I had met him the night before and he was selling 2 returning boomerangs that he had spent 3 days carving. I told him I would meet him in the morning so that he could show me how to use them before I would commit to buying one (he was going to sell one to me for 20 dollars!! A REAL bargain considering it is the genuine article made by a warrior himself!). Unfortunately his (albeit drunken) friend drove off in the car in the morning taking the boomerangs with him... "ah crap!" I thought.

Sydney was a dinkum bloke.. a real genuine guy. It was great to meet so many aboriginals willing to share their tribal stories with me and, as a result, I have a greater respect for the culture... it is for this that Ill remember Derby in years to come.

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