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Monday 21 Jul 2003
Whitsunday Coast, Australia


This is a REALLY quick entry since I only have about 5 mins left on this internet charge card...

Im spent yesterday driving up to Townsville which is 4 hours north of Airlie Beach.. my plan is to head off to "Magnetic Island" today and spend a good few days there since the price of getting a ferry across (with the van!) is about 70 euros!! Its the best island opportunity Ive come across, though, so far since Im able to take my van across.. all the other islands either dont allow this or need 4x4...

Once the weather picks up Ill head back south and visit the Whitsundays for a day or so cuz they look REALLY amazing and I want the pictures to be in a SUNNY climate!



Aaaargh! Ive totally changed my mind after I logged off the net when I wrote the entry above...

I thought about it and 70 euros really IS a LOT of money for me at this stage in my travels so I should only spend that sort of money on things that I PLANNED to see on coming to Australia...

In the above case, Id never even heard of Magnetic Island until about 2 weeks ago, whereas I also want to go to the Whitsundays but moreso since this is part of my original planned trip. So given the choice it was really that I either have a day trip to Whitsundays for 85 dollars (which has THE best looking beach Ive ever seen) OR I visit Magnetic Island (the only real attraction of which is that its an island that I can drive on... the scenery is nothing different to a place like Noosa).

So Ive decided that Im going to do the Whitsundays trip and straight away I headed back on the arduous drive to Airlie beach (4 hours away again.. groan!).

Last night I saw Terminator 3 in the cinema in Townsville and thought it wasnt quite as good as T2, but has SOME good action scenes. The storyline was a bit dull though and I dont think its gonna win awards anytime soon.

The weather back here in Airlie has picked up from the stormy weather that pushed me away from here 2 days ago and its supposed to be nice on Wednesday so Ill probably head to Whitehaven Beach (the most famous beach on the Whitsunday Islands since it has stunning snorkling) then.

Over and out (no Im not heading anywhere ELSE today!!! grrrr)

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