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Monday 4 Aug 2003
Whitsunday Coast, Australia


Yeeaaaah.. excellent gig last night! The headline band, Frenzal Rhomb, is quite big in Oz (not so much abroad) but they carried off their punk set with true grit! A bit "old school" the lads threw in plenty of "Oi Oi" chants with some ska riffs in tribute to great punk bands like The Clash or Pixies.

Support was by a South African punk band called Fuzzy Gish who played a fantastic ska set - trumpet et al!

Ah yes it was great to go to a REAL gig after 5 months without... sigh!

While there I met up with a few local uni lads and we pretty much stuck together post-gig to sample some of the nightlife back in "the Town"... alas since it was Sunday nothing much was on offer so we departed for home around 3am after a good few beers (I really have to watch my spending - its gone a bit crazy since my time in Airlie Beach).

I was allowed to crash at Johans (a Swedish Marine Biologist - what else?) pad since I obviously wasnt going to drive back to the car park...

The guys werent too impressed with my unavoidable snoring though, brought on in my inebriated state, so I found myself waking up with a clothes peg on my nose!!! Nice.

Oh by the way, Ive decided to go ahead and dive the Yalonga wreck since everybody here says its fantastic "with super-sized fish on steroids". Apparently its one of the top ten dive sites in the world so Id probably kick myself later if I gave it a miss... its pretty expensive at about 140 euros for 2 dives (lunch and equipment included) but, if the reports are true, and its possible to find bones of one of the 121 people who died during the accident I cant afford NOT to do this!

I head off tommorrow morning and hopefully the vis will be good (15 metres at the mo)... more then!

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