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Friday 8 Aug 2003
Whitsunday Coast, Australia

Still in Townsville??

Yep Im still in Townsville.. the LAST day if all goes to plan!

Unfortunately the steering column in the Torago van has worn down from 20 years of wear and tear - this was mentioned to me 2 weeks ago when I got the brake pads changed. I was told a new one would set me back 2000 dollars... a second hand one about 500. Its a necessity though, since if the column breaks I lose steering.. and that could happen at 110 km/h!! Ill be thankful I got new brake pads when THAT happens.

I approached a local mechanic dealer in Townsville a few days ago who said hed try to find a spare part from one of the wrecking yards. Until yesterday there was no 1985 Torago model steering column to be found, hence the reason I was thinking of heading north to Cairns (where I would have more chance of finding a column).

Yesterday evening though, Colin (for that be the mechanic in question) told me hed managed to track one down and he could get it for a "whopping" 120 dollars! Wahay! Not as costly as Id been told... nice!

So thats the plan today... Ive stored away me valuables in a locker room and left the van in for a new column and a complete service all for 400 dollars. A bit expensive, but worth it since if my van dies my holiday is essentially over!

Ill spend one last night here in Townsville and (if the van has no more probs) Ill be off OFF OFF in the morning!!

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