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Saturday 2 Aug 2003
Whitsunday Coast, Australia

Back in da Town(sville)

Well I FINALLY got around to heading off this morning... over the past 2 days the various people I have gotten to know in the car park have been drifting off on their separate ways and so it was only a matter of time before I did the same - sure Ive been there for 2 weeks already and I still have only explored about 4% of this country!!

Yesterday was a chilled out affair after the raucous night out with the dive crew - they were sound lads with whom much merriment was had and lots happened to gossip about the next morn

Nevertheless Im pressing on forward today and am back in Townsville. A few of the Swedish guys are thinking of diving the "Yolonga Wreck" here in town so I might join them, although it IS a tad pricey at about 100 euros (200 AU$). I may decide against it tonight, although it IS supposed to be a fantastic wreck dive. The Yolonga was a passenger ferry that sunk drowning several people on board.. it might be a bit spooky to dive at such a morbid location, but then again thats part of the thrill too.

Not much else to report so far... apart from the fantastic weather and my killer tan

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