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Friday 28 Feb 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

Back in Bangkok!

Im back... sunburned/tanned and fully prepared for the trip to Cambodia (he says, biting his nails till they bleed!!!!)

The bus from the lower coast to Bangkok arrived in the midst of the famous Bangkok rush hour and we were in traffic for 4 hours!

Tonight Im staying on Khao San road again, but in a "quality" establishment costing 14 dollars per night with ac *AND* hot shower (shock horror!)

Tommorrow Im heading out with a few friends to do a bit of touring and to organise my trip to Cambodia on Sunday... the bus to Cambodia will only cost 4 quid!!!


...the "quality establishment" was the only hotel with a room left on Khao San Rd when I had arrived at around 7pm! Its a funny thing, but every evening the "rush for rooms" begins. Legions of people arrive into Khao San road each day, filling up the hotels, and you really have to get in quick each morning to ensure you get the cheapest rooms. Otherwise you are left splashing out!

I met a big scary Israeli guy (strange I thought, cuz he was tall and black with an Afro! Turned out his parents were Ethiopian) in the hotel that night who offered to share the room I had just bought. It was only a double bed so I thought it would be a bit weird (ysee I was still a freshie-backpacker at that stage!) so declined. He had to pay another 14 dollars to get a room himself then. I felt a bit bad about it afterwards so I got chatting to him the following morning. Turns out his name is Isheto and he was officially the first (of hundreds) Israeli I have met on this trip. He told me of the "free" Internet place reserved for Israelis, but said I should be able to get in there too. I did n all!

I also shaved my head that night (well only down to a level 4) since my hair had gone psycho in the humid weather and I was fed-up with it.

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