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Sunday 2 Mar 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Massage!

Thai massage for 80 baht today and it was damn good... and no it wasnt one of those sleazy set ups. This was the real thing.

Fixed up my shoulder for the next few days (for those who dont know: my shoulder is damaged because of whiplash I experienced while headbanging at a Metallica concert a few years ago...) and Im all happy and cheery!

Gonna go get me some Banana shake and head out to the sunday market where you can buy (among other things) a monkey!

Ooh and room was grand last night... few tiny roaches but I was covered in my mozzie net so didnt have any probs... same place tonight.. and Ive moved the Cambodia trip to next Tuesday cuz I need to contact Quantas on Monday.. doh!

Thanks for the messages guys... keep em coming!

ps.. met an israeli guy who showed me this "secret" Israeli-run place near Khao San where you get internet free for half hour... If youre Israeli that is... but I just keep my mouth shut and seem to get by ok for now!

(Writing this at 1.23 am)... just had a scorpion snack.. lovely black scorpion about 6 inches long. Cost 20 baht and tasted, not like chicken, but rather like marmite?!?

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