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Monday 3 Mar 2003
Bangkok, Thailand

Some photos now online!!!!

I found a place with a scanner!! Wahay!... but it took me about one hour just put up these 4 pictures (2 for North Thailand and 2 for South!) so dont expect me to do this too often!!

Got my tickets sorted today so Ive moved my flight to Hong Kong in May and this gives me ample time to tour South-East Asia....

My next message will be from Cambodia so Ill try to keep in contact, but the net connections may not be as readily avaiable...

oh and by the way, yes I DID eat a scorpion for dinner last night... photo is in the next roll!

1.52 am.... Ive just had another scorpion, and an assorted bag of fried maggots and tree worms... much to the astonishment of all the "hard" men who "pretended" to eat the stuff but didnt have the guts. *points* haw haw! :)

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