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Monday 15 Dec 2003
Sydney, Australia


Yes indeed, while I should have otherwise been spending my time lazing on beaches and catching "wicked curls" Ive been gathering and selecting the choicest photos that never made it to the site for you lot out there as an early Christmas pressie! In fact most of the time is spent resizing the images and creating thumbnails...

Ive got all "new" photos of Oz, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos that are gonna be put up RIGHT HERE! Ive just spent 4 hours arduously putting up about 60 new Oz and about 20 Laos photos. Ill put up the rest soon when Im AWAKE again! zzzzzzzz

So click on "Photo Gallery", select Australia or Laos and enjoy all the new pics...

In other news, I was rudely interrupted while watching "Wild Things" on TV last night to be told Saddam Hussein has been caught. Sheesh I guess the US have made themselves look even more idiotic after Rumsfeld etc were confident Saddam had been killed! Roll on the election next year and lets hope BAD BUSH is removed for the sake of the world

*cough* anyhoo, the other day myself and Jonny caught Scary Movie 3 in our "favourite" cinema again. Pretty funny but make sure you have seen The Ring before going (I hadnt so didnt understand all the injokes.. doh!)

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