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Saturday 7 Jun 2003
Sydney, Australia

The car is mine!

Paid off Daniel and Nikki the remaining 2,700 AU$ this morning and now the van is officially mine!

Ive decided to stay on another week in Sydney (its cheaper to rent the room weekly than stay on a night-by-night price) so that I can organise myself and plan the route Ill be taking in the van. Also I have to equip my "new home" with such luxurys as a matress and a sleeping bag!

Today Ireland are playing Australia in rugby so Im heading out to one of the many Irish pubs and will cheer my side while downing copious amounts of VB (Victoria Bitter.. btw NOBODY drinks Fosters in Oz despite what I originally believed in Eire). Theres also a jazz festival in Darling Harbour over the weekend so Im definately going to check that out.. cant live without my jazz fix (last one was in Hanoi, Vietnam!)

Planning on meeting Barry and Anna Fenelon sometime this week and theyve generously offered to mind my suitcase containing various items I wouldnt want to take with me on my road trip like the laptop and my "posh" clothes! Nope.. just my guitar, my camera, my pda and a surf board are all I needs mate

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