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Thursday 5 Jun 2003
Sydney, Australia

Got ma car!

Yesterday I went and did it! I bought the fantastic Toyota for a good price of 3,700 AU$ - about 2,000 euros (they wanted 4,000 - but considering that the value I can sell the car for in the summer is anywhere from 6,000 upwards, Ill be definately making a profit if I keep it in good condition). Well I havent QUITE "bought" the car yet... Ive put the deposit down and have to withdraw 1,000 AU$ every day from the ATM since this is the max amount allowable so Ill have the 3,700 by Saturday...

In the meantime Ive been organising the rest of my travel equipment and been exploring this beautiful city even further! Today I got a SIM card for my mobile from Vodafone (get 20 AU$ free calls too) so now Im contactable via mobile (mail me if you want the number!) and also got a car-charging kit. Total price only 50 AU$ .. about 27.50 euros, so all is well within budget.

Tommorrow I plan to join up with the RAC or some similar organisation so that I will always have someone to call on my mobile should I accidentally run out of oil in the middle of the Western Australia desert!

Yesterday I visited the Sydney Art Museum (free entrance!) which has some amazing modern-art and classical exhibitions and today I walked through the Botanical Gardens which feature hundreds of "Fox-Faced" Bats flying around the trees (and near my head!) in the middle of the day. I was taken by surprise to see 1.5 metre wide wingspan bats flying around Sydney at 12pm but there ya go. I think Gary would enjoy this place a lot since its got just about EVERY plant known to man in a park that you can walk around. They also have a separate green-house holding all the tropical plants from various rainforests around the world.

On Saturday there is an Australia v Eire rugby match so Ill have to make sure to check that one out... and then the plan is to head off to the Blue Mountains on Sunday nearby to Sydney and will spend the first night in the van...

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