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Friday 13 Jun 2003
Sydney, Australia

Added even MORE pics!

Ive developed the last "normal" film I have (before I start using my digital camera properly) today onto CD and Ive uploaded the more choice pics from the past 2 weeks...

Today (Friday 13th no less!) I visited the Sydney Aquarium (see Mum I spelt it correctly THIS time! grrrrr) and it was an amazing experience. As you can see from the photos you really do get close up to the fishies (big and small) and the best part was the shark exhbit where you walked through a glass tunnel deep at the bottom of a tank full of the deadly mammals (yes a shark is a mammal, see you DO learn stuff on these trips!)...

Tommorrow Im off on the "BIG TRIP" (tm) and will probably head up to Newcastle first which is about 2 hours north of Sydney (possibly more Im not sure yet)... will try to find net cafes and update ye as often as I can... have to run now cause my time on the net is almost up!

Byeeee.. ENJOY the pics!

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