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Tuesday 10 Jun 2003
Sydney, Australia

Over at Barry and Annas house!

The past few days Ive just been getting more stuff organised for the car like insurance and bed sheets, etc. Also got a waterproof case for my new digital camera so I can take it down to photograph sharks in the Great Barier Reef when I go scuba diving there!

Driving around Sydney is quite a nightmare for the uninitiated. In a similar vein to Chiang Mai in Thailand, Sydney features a complex system of one-way roads and many small signs that are obstructed by trees making it near impossible to get somewhere across town without having a substantially detailed city map at your side at all times. On the other hand, Sydney boasts the best pedestrian system Ive ever used in the world and its a joy to walk around. Part of the reason why Sydney features so much visual treats as you walk around is because it had a major development prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympics and many of these areas (such as Darling Harbour) are maintained in all their Olympic glory.

Met up with Barry, Anna and the 2 kids: Jesse and Hazel today for lunch! Sat out in the Sydney sunshine and its nice to visit a few rellies over here on the other side of the planet! Btw Anna is really cool (she told me to say that!)!

Its my first time to meet Anna and the kids and I dont think Ive met Barry since Lisas wedding about 5 years ago! Hazel is really cute and I had my first (albeit pretty successful) attempt at feeding a baby! Wahay!

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