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Wednesday 11 Jun 2003
Sydney, Australia

Put up a few pics...

Got the registration for the car done today and then I walked (a LONG way!!) to the Chinese Gardens over at Darling Harbour. When I got there I managed to get by on a student rate (saved 50% off the price!) by pretending to still be a smelly college-type. Well I was smelly after THAT walk I can tell ya.

The gardens are really well done and the Feng Shui used in the landscaping really does make the place seem a lot bigger than it really is... I think Gary should put this at the top of his must dos if/when he comes here!!

After chilling out at the gardens I decided to go off to Cleveland street to investigate getting a foam bed. It looked close enough on the street map I used but I never realised that the map is on such a large scale that the walk I was about to take was going to last 2-3 hours in flip flops! Arrrrgh! All this to save on wasting petrol in the car...

I wanna check out the Acquarium on Friday cuz apparently thats when they feed the sharks while you watch them from underneath a glass case!

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