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Saturday 12 May 2007
Toronto, Canada

Red Socks sk00l Blue Jays

Went to my first ever baseball game with Niki and Michelle. The Boston Red Socks were playing the local lads, Blue Jays.
Niki got free tickets from Rogers, then normally sell for around 45 dollars, which is quite cheap for a sports game in Canada (e.g. Basketball tickets usually sell for 150 dollars minimum)

It was really good fun, but the Simpsons was correct: you really DO need a lot of beer to really enjoy it Cheesy

They had the hot dogs being thrown about the place ("get your red hots"), ice cold beer being served up (one old seller was famous for announcing his wares with a characteristic "ICE! Cooooooooooooooooold! Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-a!")

I even won a BlueJays t-shirt!! Yep that's right! First time I've won ANYTHING in a game of chance!

Funny how it happened too: the announcement came on the billboard of something like "Who played blah de blah in 1966", with a choice of A, B, C.

The gals had gone off to get beer so I was bored waiting and thought "what the hell" and entered a random answer (I overheard the guy beside me say "C" - I even asked him what the text number was cuz I wasn't really paying attention).

Well 5 mins later, my phone rings and the guy says I've won a t-shirt, much to the chagrin of the 20 people around me who all entered Wink

Nevertheless.. at the end of the day the mighty Red Socks majorly sk00led the Blue Jays .. the BJ never even managed to get one complete run in so they ended up scoring 0 .. ouch Blue

The huge Rogers stadium is really cool though, with great seats and skylight, and it's quite funny that it was built JUST for the Blue Jays considering that they're not all that great a team.

Hmm... maybe next year lads!

In other news.. I went to a gig last night for the band Blonde Redhead in the beautiful Opera House venue. It was really good and one of the best gigs I've been to all year. The energy on stage and in the music was phenomenal.

Mew is still the best gig so far though.

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