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Monday 7 May 2007
Toronto, Canada

What have I been up to lately?

Haven't been up to much of note lately, but I HAVE booked my flight to Vancouver for May 26th for at least 3 weeks stay.

I've booked a one-way ticket since I might decide to stay longer, but it DOES mean I miss the friends I've made while I've been in T.O Blue

Nevertheless, I'd kick myself after I get back to Ireland if I stayed in T.O for the whole year!

What else? Well I've taken quite a liking to strolling around Toronto Island (6$ ferry ride from south of Union station) in me shorts and experimenting with my new Canon 400D digital SLR. It's been lovely weather of late

Toronto Island is where you get those 'classic' Toronto skyline shots (the CN tower is so damned photogenic it keeps slipping into every photo I take of the city - you can't really avoid it - it *IS* after all the current tallest-built free-standing structure on the planet)

I've upload two skyline sunset pics to whet your appetite for the type of shots I'll be takin in BC Wink

Laters y'all

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Lake Louise (with ice!)

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