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Thursday 8 Mar 2007
Toronto, Canada

Heelside Toeside - That's all you need to know about snowboarding

Took yesterday (Wednesday) off work - I worked last Sunday to make up for it - to head up to Mt St Louis for a day of snowboarding with the new kit.

It really is the best place to learn to snowboard I reckon since they've got 3 beginner slopes and a few intermediate slopes all roughly next to each other, plus there is a certain 'family-run' sorta feeling about the place which you don't get from the big resorts in Ontario like Blue Mountain.

Although Blue Mountain does have some nice runs though.

So I went on a Wednesday because the weekends are just mad. The queues can sometimes leave you waiting for 15-20 minutes!

Yesterday there was a school trip, but apart from that I was home-free and queue-free. I must have gone up and down the slopes around 50 times all day!

I also took the Greyhound there (in case I didn't mention it before, I finally found out that the greyhound does link up with the big resorts) - only 32 dollars return for a quality coach with built in toilet.. I don't see why more ppl don't use greyhound!

Add to that the price of 35 dollars for a day ticket and it's a real bargain! 40 euros for a fantastic day out!

But the best thing about yesterday: I finally figured out how to go toe-side on the board!! Up until this point I could only go heelside down the hill with occasional slides downward.

Now I can zig-zag down the hill with less chance of falling (although I did have some nasty ones there yesterday.. a helmet is pretty much a necessity in this sport).

On the greyhound home, there was a big fat guy sitting in front of me wheezing away and stuffing his face with several burger king burgers, licking the sauce off his arms as it dripped down.

As if that wasn't sick enough, he pulls out a portable DVD player and starts watching porn with headphones on.. yeesh. Frown

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Lake Louise (with ice!)

Lake Louise (with ice!)

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