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Saturday 10 Mar 2007
Toronto, Canada

300 - the review

Here's my review of 300:

Very very good.

Highly stylised and some of the best battle sequences I've ever seen on film; real on the edge of your seat stuff (I'm serious, I fell off my seat at one point - bloody wobbly chairs).

You really get a sense of the odds packed up against the Spartans (from enemies and others) and people cheered in the audience when the Spartans dismembered another Persian.

It is primarily an action flick though with a side story tagged (which reminded me a lot of Gladiator's for some reason)

Go see.


It is really just one big battle though (not several as in Gladiator - a film that most closely resembles it), and the side stories don't really stick with you as well as Gladiator's ones did (e.g. the family being slaughtered and the idea that Maximus will meet up with them in
heaven one day, etc)

Nevertheless, the battle sequences have a lot more bite than Gladiator's ones ever did, so you don't really need the side stories. Wink


On a side note, there were lots of loud adults (at least they LOOKED about 30) giggling, "whooping" and throwing popcorn at each other before and sometimes through the film, which brings me to another weird thing I've noticed about Canadians...

A lot of them are really REALLY immature.. even the 'mature' ones.

The kids are some of the noisiest, whiniest creatures I've ever heard... particularly at the ski resorts where I've frequently sat beside a kid on a ski lift only for her to turn around and scream past my ear in the direction of her friend on the slopes "Jesse! Jesse! Duuuude wait for meeeeeeeeeeeeeee".

Also many of the kids are pretty fearless and unruly because Canada is so safe for kids. The parents don't seem to discipline them either but have that annoying "my kid has a right to do what he wants" sort of mentality which I experienced back in Oz.

Hence why many kids are kind of rude, hyperactive and extremely vocal (and high-pitched which leaves my ears ringing!)

Laura, a friend of mine here, was telling me about a ski bus tour she was on a few months ago where most of the passengers (many in their late 30s/eraly 40s) ended up crowd-surfing across the top of the seats from the back of the bus to the front.

Okaaaaay... time for me to start smacking some sense into these cannucks

Btw... St Paddy's Day is coming up soon... it's apparently almost as big here as it is in NYC (green beer n stuff) so I'm looking forward to that Cheesy

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