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Friday 2 Feb 2007
Toronto, Canada

Some things to keep ya interested...

Another Friday, another week finitto and time to chill and partay and snowboard and sleep (all at the same time).

A few things I've come to notice about Canada (in my admittedly limited knowledge considering I haven't left TO yet!):


- TV

Pretty much all TV here is unwatchable because they throw up 5 minutes of ads for every 5 mins of program!

I usually just end up watching the BBC World Service all the time.. if it weren't for that, I'd literally spend all my relaxation time watching stuff I've downloaded!

- The taxes thing

The fact that taxes aren't included in prices really "grinds me gears" (Family Guy TM) .. I mean, really, it's so much cooler to go into a shop and know EXACTLY how much the item is gonna cost before you approach the counter.. sheesh!


- CBC channel on TV

Pretty much the only cool station on Canadian terrestrial TV. Shows like The Hour and Royal Canadian Air Farce restore my faith that there is SOME quality tv here after all!

- Value for money

Everything here is so cheap compared to back home.. I'm like royalty here 'n' shit CheesyWink

(Not withstanding, pretty much EVERY country .. except Dubai and maybe Norway.. is cheaper than Ireland)

- The Newfoundland accent

Everytime I hear someone here speaking Newfoundland-ish, I swear I think they're from Galway. It sounds like the accent of a person from "the wescht" of Ireland who has just arrived back from their 6 months stint in the US on a J1 visa.

It rocks Laugh

- The indie music scene here

While not quite as 'established' internationally as Montréal's music scene (Arcade Fire et al), the quality of what are considered 'average' bands in Toronto really far outweigh anything that can be thrown up at a gig in Dublin, unless you're looking to visit Vicar Street or The Point.

On Sunday, Ireland is playing Wales in the rugger!! I'll have to find an Irish bar to watch it in.. gotta be one!

Goin to a Superbowl party too.. it'll be mad!!.. no work for me on Monday so!

Also I think we're going snowboarding tomorrow too .. w00t!!!

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