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Sunday 28 Oct 2007
Toronto, Canada

Back in T.O (again!)

Arrived back in Toronto on Friday 26th after a super-long 8.5 hour flight from Glasgow!
Considering it takes only 5 hours to fly east from Toronto to Glasgow, it really is quite amazing the difference the westerly winds make to the return leg.

I travelled with quite possibly the LEAST baggage I've ever taken on a plane with me: one laptop bag, and one small satchel backpack (I had left all my clothes with Paul S when I went home), and it was a real pleasure to not have to carry a load around (especially seeing as I had to get from Glasgow Prestwick to Glasgow Airport using all manner of trains and buses).

I was also prepared for the stupid ONE-BAG-CARRY-ON rule that all UK flights have to adopt now, and made sure to refrain from taking too many valuable objects back to Canada with me which saved any hassle when I had to load my backpack as cargo.

Return flight was with Thomas Cook and I was amazed just how spacious the seats were (I was also in a Fire Exit seat which helped!) and the food was delicious! Highly recommend 'em for budget flights across the Atlantic.

Going through security at Canada airport, I had a little more hassle than normal since I had a one-year working visa but hadn't worked with a Canadian company at all the whole year! The security guard seemed perplexed why anyone would come to Canada for a one-year holiday, but let me through eventually nevertheless! I still can't get over why so many Canadians (especially in Toronto) don't consider Canada as a holiday destination!? Laugh

I now begin the ultimate leg of my canuck adventure in Montreal when I head there on the 30th October (just in time for Halloween Frenchy-style!), and then will be back in Toronto around 13th December before heading home (finally!) on 17th Dec.

At the mo, I'm back crashing at the immigrant guest house in 'Scarlem' and the same old bunch are here (the Japanese student upstairs, the snoring Indian guy next door who seems to be in a permanent state of slumber, plus the rambunctious landlord who craves money and doesn't like me opening the window to let in fresh air).

The body wash and laundry detergent I had left behind are still here.. untouched! Wink

On another note: something occurred to me when I was back home about the people who live in these guesthouses/hostels... they all seem to live off the food of their native country.

e.g. The Indians only eat Indian food, the Japanese girl lives off noodles, an Italian couple who were here last time only ate pasta.

Maybe it's because Ireland, and the UK, don't really have any national staple diet, that it seems perfectly normal for us to eat anything (I would regularly range from pasta, to vietnamese, to indian curry, to lebanese food).

I'm just amazed how the people here don't seem to be adventurous enough to try other food when there are countless international restaurants on their doorstep... seems like they're missing out.

And after being in Dublin for 3 weeks, I can also appreciate the value for money you get here with foreign food!

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